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Attachment list

When a journal entry is posted manually then after posting the user attach supporting document related to that journal entry using Tcode Fb03. To view for a single journal entry that supporting document is attached or not we can view it using tcode FB03>services for object>attachment list.

Query : If I want to check for multiple document numbers that whether attachments are there or not then how I can view them? Is there any report which will display the attachment list details for that multiple document numbers or any Tcode which will give me that details?

Currently I am using SAP S/4hana

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Jul 30 at 09:22 AM


    As per my experience I have never seen a Report or a program which would extract all the attachments linked against a transaction.

    These attachments are handled using GOS services.

    Ask your technical consultant to develop a report using Table SRGBTBREL. This table indeeds contains entry for each and every attachments maintained against a transaction.

    SRGBTBREL~TYPEID_A we need to pass the business object type. This would be specific to the type of Transaction. Eg.SRGBTBREL~TYPEID_A = BUS2017 for MIGO documents.

    SRGBTBREL~INSTID_A is the Key. So for MIGO document it would be MBLNR + MJAHR.

    Likewise check the same for Finance posting. And for replicating other functionalities of GOS check class CL_GOS_DOCUMENT_SERVICE and its METHODs.



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    • Yes Rahul,

      My answer would be the same.

      As I said please find the correct Object Type for FI transaction and Pass it to SRGBTBREL~TYPEID_A. And pass any other filter criteria like Date and Time and execute.

      Output SRGBTBREL~INSTID_A column would be having BELNR+BUKRS+GJAHR in concatenated format. If for same above combination there are multiple entries then it means multiple attachments are there. Please ask your Technical consultant to pitch in and the picture would be more clear.