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Jul 29, 2020 at 02:13 PM

Triggering PR release only on standard item category?


Dear experts,

In our scenario, we require a PR (header) release strategy to be triggered for PR's which are:

  • created from a project network activity
  • have account assignment network
  • have a certain purchasing org
  • standard items only (we should not have release on subcontracting, service items etc)

Based on this, I have set up CL24n as below, if I maintain it like this, it doesn't trigger any release. If I remove the item category characteristic from the release class, it works but then it also gets triggered for subcontracting and services PR's, which should not happen.

Does anyone has any idea how to only include standard items (so blank item category) in the release strategy? Note that we cannot introduce a specific document type for this, since the PR's are getting generated from the project and a default document type is taken here, which cannot be changed by the user.

Thanks in advance!


cl24n-settings.jpg (40.3 kB)