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Jul 29, 2020 at 02:39 AM

SAP EWM - Product Verification during consumption via RF



We are using Advanced Production Integration in EWM.

For the consumption of components, we use the standard RF transaction "Consumption by Manufacturing Order". After scanning the manufacturing order, SAP requires scanning/entry of an HU or a bin. In our scenario, we scan a bin, as the product is not HU-managed in the production supply area. Once the bin is scanned, SAP displays the product in the bin (if there is only one product of the BOM in that bin). However, there is no verification field to be able to scan the product and make sure the correct product is consumed.

We tried using the verification control customising, adding an entry for our warehouse process type/process category, without success.

Are we missing something or is this just not possible with standard customising to make the product verification mandatory in that transaction?

Thanks in advance.