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Jul 29, 2020 at 10:32 AM

Date format in scheduled AfO


Dear friends,

I'm struggling with AfO and the date format.

I did the "Enable Native Formatting" and when I run the AfO in my computer, I get dates in the format I need (German-Switzerland)

Like this, I get dates with the format 29.07.2020

But, when I upload the AfO in the Launchpad (Webi Portal) and I schedule it, the dates come in american formatting.

I asked the person who manages our SAP servers to change in the server the regional settings as I have in my computer, because I saw that in the AfO server, it was set as English-American

Unfortunately, I still get american formatting when schedule my AfO file.

We have a clustered installation:

1 Linux server for BO 4.2 platform
1 Linux server for Lumira

1 Windows server for Analysis for Office

The windows server was rebooted after the regional settings change, maybe the whole bundle needs to be rebooted?

Do have any clue if I'm doing something wrong?

Thanks for you help
Victor Torreblanca