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Jul 28, 2020 at 07:25 PM

SAP Enable Now support for WorkForce


Our organization is implementing SAP including S/4HANA (S/4), SuccessFactors (SF) and WorkForce (WF). We also have the cloud edition of SAP's Enable Now which we are using to supply all end-user training and professional development for project implementation and delivery. SEN has pre-built content to facilitate S/4 and SF, but as I understand it, WF is an SAP add-on that is not automatically supported in SEN.

1. Does SEN have any standard content that can be pulled forward for WF training purposes?

2.If not, is there a resource for WorkForce end-user training outside of SEN?

3. Web Assistant is tied to SEN to support users in S/4 and SF. Is Desktop Assistant also automatically linked? Are either of these applications linked to WF? If not, can they be and how so?