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Jul 28, 2020 at 09:57 AM

Create a drop down list with dependencies and use it on standard BO screen


Hello commmunity,

we want to enhance the BO Customer with some drop down lists (this will be some fields cocerning the industry sector and usage of sold producs). There will be some dependencies between the drop down lists, so depending on the choice from the first drop down list you get different choices on the second drop down list.

There is a blog by Jerry Wang about how to realize such a requirement

However differnent to the blog, our host BO is an SAP standard BO. So I hoped I could simply work with an XBO on the customer BO. However this doesn't work as I am not allowed to use associations in the XBO. I found this topic even in the forum (

This means that I can still create my drop down list field on an EC (on my own BO) and I can bind this EC screen into the customer Thing Type Screen. But I wonder if there is any chance to use the drop down fields also on the origin customer screens e.g. on the OWL screen.

Best regards