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Jul 29, 2020 at 03:10 PM

Custom report


HI Everyone,

I was stuck with Custom report issue, can any one please suggest to extract the report

We have build a customized T-code to see all the Payment related information with all countries & Company codes

Which is using Globally in Organization, here we are encounter an Issue

Example: We have 4 with hold tax vendor invoices with different amounts and cleared all the Invoices with F110 in single clearing document

Invoice-1 -100 WHT amount

Invoice-2- 200 WHT amount

Invoice-3-300 WHT amount

Invoice-4-400 WHT amount

here the custom report displays the data with all 4 invoices along with clearing document but WHT details are captured only the first invoice not renaming

Expectation is want to see each vendor line item withhold tax with a respective Invoice and final it should calculate total amount of all 4 vendor invoices

Please guide mo to Prepare the Functional Specification along with logic