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Jul 28, 2020 at 02:51 PM

Can't start SAP Solution Manager 7.2 back-end (disp+work in ABAP and jstart in Java both stopped)

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Hello experts,

During the last weeks, I've been configuring a Solution Manager 7.2 SP05 instance. It was all running smoothly until I had to install and configure Diagnostic Agent. After some failed attempts at setting it up through SWPM 1.0, I started receiving an error that said "error in writing extracted file: No space left on device" whenever I tried to run sapinst. I thought it should be no big deal, until I tried accessing my instance through SAP GUI 750 and found out I couldn't.

At first, for some reason, the front-end was being unable to solve the instance hostname. I solved this by editing the host file on my front-end machine and the hostname was, once again, able to resolve.

However, I'm now getting a "connection refused" warning. I went a bit further and decided to check my intances' state in MMC, just to find out that both my Java and my ABAP stack weren't working. Checking their processes list, I found out that:

  1. In the ABAP stack, disp+work process is grey (showing status as "stopped");
  2. In the Java stack, jstart process is grey (showing status as "stopped").

I did some research and found out that both problems may be related to the lack of space left on device. However, when looking at the log files dev_disp and dev_w0, I couldn't find any mention of lack of free space. Nevertheless, the "No space left on device" error keep appearing when I try running sapinst and I still can't connect to my instance.

Right now, I don't even know what to check to discover what is going on. Where should I look or what should I do to solve these issues?

You may find in the attachment my dev_disp and my dev_w0 files:


dev-disp.txt (106.0 kB)
dev-w0.txt (4.2 kB)