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Jul 28, 2020 at 01:18 PM

Crystal Reports 13: Need to remove Parameter and Hardcode date range



I'm fairly new to Crystal reports. We have a report that I need to remove the date parameter and replace it with a hard coded date parameter starting on 1/1/2016 to infinity/meaning no maximum date.

Every place I've researched this always points to creating a parameter. I can't have any parameters in this report and there is no way to remove the Crystal Reports prompting for parameters. If I get any prompts the Alert system for our ERP system we use for automatic report sendings will not work. So I must strip all parameters from a report in order for them to be automatically sent. Thank you! :)

Here is the selection Expert detail;

({@USER_EPLANT_ID} = 0 or {@USER_EPLANT_ID} = {PO_DETAIL.EPLANT_ID}) and {V_PO_RECEIVED_VS_AP.UNINVOICED} <> 0.00 and {V_PO_RECEIVED_VS_AP.QTY_RECEIVED} > 0.00 and {PO_RECEIPTS.RECEIPTNO} <> "CUMD RECEIPT ADJUSTMENT" and ({@void} = Date (0, 0, 0) or isnull ({@void})) and ({@include inv item} in {?items} or {@include misc items} in {?items} or {@include non material} in {?items}) and {@podate} = {?date}

Here is the date parameter detail;


date-parameter.jpg (54.9 kB)