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Jul 28, 2020 at 01:13 PM

ABAP dump analysis


Hi Experts,

We have encountered a dump in production where insert statement fails to update a custom database table.The internal table that contains the entries that updates the database table is IT_LABELS. As can be seen in below screenshot, IT_LABELS contains two entries:

Scrolling down*

My question is, are these two entries the contents of table IT_LABELS?

If so, as both entries are identical, is this what's causing the dump. I have checked this entry in the database table, however it still does not exist. Does insert statement fail when the internal table source contains identical entries (same primary keys) even though that entry does not exist in the database yet?


4mh63.png (56.0 kB)
xcbuw.png (56.0 kB)
vam8e.png (97.4 kB)
soj5f.png (97.4 kB)
r9pfu.png (72.9 kB)