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Feb 15, 2017 at 05:41 PM

View not re-rendered for second time using routing


Hello Everyone,

I am using a split app control where I have one master view and two detail views. I configured the manifest.json file for this. First detail view contains a table control to hold the line items. Second detail view contains the simple form with some fields which I use in line item.

My requirement is like, upon click of add button on first detail view I am displaying the second view (using routing), here I will fill my line item details and click on submit. Then this line item details should be added to table control in first detail screen.

Here I am facing two issues.

Issue#1 : To bind the data from second view to table control in first view,none of the view event handler functions(onBeforeRendering, onAfterRendering) are getting triggered in first detail screen after I click submit button on second detail screen.

Issue#2: Second detail view's view event handler functions are called only for the first time I call this using add button on first detail screen. For the subsequent calls none of the event handler functions are triggered. Because of this I can still see the previous call data on screen. I tried setting clearTarget to true in manifest.json but it doesn't help.

Your answers are much appreciated.