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Jul 28, 2020 at 02:56 PM

External Material Number range definition error


Hi to all, I have an issue with the definition of materials number range in MMNR. I read a lot of the posts in this comunity but I couldnt find a correct answer for my question.

We need to create a materials with using an external code provided by vendors... there are a lot of possibilities for those codes, some of them uses -, others . or / in their codes...others uses only numbers, others a mix between numbers and leters and simbols... but all of them are unique codes (there cant be two same codes).... so I dont understand how to create a new group + range for this cases...

Right now we have in the system only one external range:


but I cannot use this one, it fails when I enter a number...How should I handle this?

Any Ideas? using an Exit?