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Jul 28, 2020 at 12:49 PM

Content Server Replication


Are there any mechanisms available in MaxDB 7.9 to replicate data between Content Servers? We have the option of putting cache servers in our remote business locations, but my understanding is that check-ins of documents still come back to the primary Content Server. Our ideal scenario is to have Content Servers in those remote locations with replication keeping them in sync, so that any content would be available 'locally' to the user requesting it. That would not necessarily have to be real-time, just 'near-time'.

Without the possibility of replication, putting Content Servers in the remote locations seems like it would create silos of data; where local user data would both check in and out from their local Content Server, and that would require a Cache server in each other location to pull those files (on request).

I am curious to know how other customers are managing requirements such as these.