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Feb 15, 2017 at 05:54 PM

Crystal Formula Issue


  • 1)Body values of column A&B are formulae
  • 2)I need a formula for calculating ‘Sum A’ & ‘Sum B’ which will add only body values of group3.
  • 3)Once these Sum A & Sum B are available in formula, I can use these formulae to calculate
  • Sum A/ Sum B to be placed in group3 of column C.

I have already tried following which are not working.

  • I.Insert totals of column A & B, but they are not available in formula to be used.
  • II.=sum (@bodyformula), this summing up everything in column A
  • III.Weighted average in column C group3 header, giving some random values

Kindly help. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards.

Naoman D.


sum-formula.png (53.8 kB)