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Jul 27, 2020 at 10:30 PM

Product allocation characteristics and mask


Hello all,

there is a product allocation maintained in MC94 in such a way as

Prod. alloc. object and Plant are filled

/Sales org./ Prod. allocation/Distr. channel/Country sold-to/Sold-to are not filled (# mask is added automatically).

And for above-entered characteristics Prod. alloc. qties are maintained.


When in Sales order ATP check Prod. allocation is checked, SAP is searching for the following level:

Prod. alloc. object/ Plant/Sales org/ Prod. allocation are filled (with actual data) AND
Distr. channel/Country sold-to/Sold-to are not filled - populated with mask symbols (#)...


The question is how to get SAP to search at the level I entered in MC94 where its only Prod. alloc. obj and Plant are filled and everything else is empty during Sales order ATP check.

Thanks in advance!