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Jul 27, 2020 at 01:16 PM

Unable to connect to SAP Concur API from CPI_DS: X-ConsumerKey error.



I am trying to connect to Concur Expense reports API from CPI-DS using OAuth2 authentication.

I tried from the postman, I passed the headers Authorization: Basic {Base64 encoded username:password} and X-ConsumerKey headers while retrieving the token. The token received is then passed while calling the actual API with the header Authorization: OAuth {Access_token}. I get the API response with the report details. I generated the WADL from that.

When I try the same in CPI-DS, I get the below error.


RUN-248051 |Data flow T_ISM_Concur_ExpenseReport_DF_ISM_Concur_ExpenseReport|Transform Transform2-Function1 HTTP error: Response Code:<400 , Bad Request> Body: <<Error> <Message>You must provide your consumer key in an X-ConsumerKey header.</Message> </Error>>

Note: I get same error response when I do not pass the X-ConsumerKey header from Postman as well.

Below are some Datastore configurations which I tried:

1. Passing the access_token or consumer key in the Authorization schema.

2. OAuth2.0: Passing the header in Additional header field.

Data flow

Web service call step mapping:

P.S: I am not sure if passing the consumer key at WS call here would be of any help as I am unable to retrieve the token in the first place. Also, the ‘-‘in X-ConsumerKey is changed to _ when the schema gets imported in the datastore.

Please help and suggest ways to resolve this.


Sowmya S


authschema.png (28.8 kB)
oauth2.png (51.3 kB)
dataflow.png (51.1 kB)
ws-call.png (25.6 kB)