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Jul 24, 2020 at 09:54 AM

Consume ODM JSON objects in HANA Cloud


Dear all,

we plan to start consuming business objects in form of official ODM model (CDS) which will be received in form of their JSON representation.

To be more specific let's say that we would like to be able to consume Expense Report (header+lines) which will be landed into S3 bucket in JSON ODM format.

What is the best way to consume such business objects? Aim is to store these objects in form of HANA Cloud tables - e.g. using the CDS models of the business objects (Expense Report) to create persistence layer in HANA Cloud and then find the ideal mechanism of consuming landed JSONs in ODM format and store these in HANA Cloud for analytical use cases.

Based on the documentation it seems that CAP should be the ideal way of doing this - can you please provide more info or sample projects of how exactly to consume official ODM CDS models, use these for creating matching persistence layer and then to start consuming business objects in ODM JSON format?

As the middle layer we might be using Data Intelligence, but ideally if you could provide more hints where this consumption layer should live in - maybe in SAP Cloud Platform?

Thanks a lot,

Juraj Woletz