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Jul 24, 2020 at 09:42 AM

connect SAPUI5-frontend to a XSUAA-protected backend (Internal Server Error)


Hello everyone,

I'm facing a problem with the connection from a SAPUI5 frontend to my backend.

I tried to connect my frontend to my xsuaa-protected backend by destination in the SCP. When I try to request the data from the backend I get an Internal Server Error. I think it has to be an issue with the xsuaa setup, because when I try to consume data from a backend with no authentification it works perfectly.

The authentication type of the destination is OAuth2JWTBearer.

I'll add my destination configuration and my xs-app.json to the question, maybe someone can find my mistake. Also I'll be happy if there would be any documents/instruction files how to set up xsuaa correctly because I've no experience in this topic.


	"welcomeFile": "/html/index.html",
	"authenticationMethod": "route",
	"logout": {
		"logoutEndpoint": "/do/logout"
	"routes": [{
		"source": "^/REST/(.*)",
		"target": "/$1",
		"destination": "UAABackend",
		"authenticationType": "xsuaa"
	}, {
		"source": "^/html/(.*)$",
		"target": "$1",
		"localDir": "webapp"

Thank you all in advance!