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Jul 24, 2020 at 09:36 AM

Physical Inventory Issues

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please imagine the following environment. The customer has

  • a number of webshops attached to the ByD (>10) that cannot be shut down for more than some hours.
  • has 18*4*23(1656) storage locations
  • has about 100000 active material master data
  • it is not known which of the materials are in the warehouse when doing physical inventory

The customer plans doing cycle count. As ByD does not recalculate the inventory nor does block delivery automatically the customer has problems doing the inventory.About 300 sales orders per day are delivered. Therefor most of the delivery process is automated. There is just a manual doing in the delivery control (outbound logistics) and manual picking, delivery and packing.What would you recommend how to do the inventory?We would think that stopping/reconfiguring of the Release Due Deliveries Runs would be a possibility. But as there are a number (about 60) materials on the counting list, it may be erroneus to manually enter the list of products to the exclude list for release - and time consuming. Additionally this run is needed to run after some other runs. Therefor it is an issue to replan this.
Complete delivery is mandatorily set.Any ideas or suggestions?