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Feb 15, 2017 at 05:24 PM

HTTP_AAE adapter query string parameter missing



We are migrating our SAP Net weaver middleware system from SAP PI 7.11 to SAP PO 7.5 SP stack number 05 single stack Java.

We are facing an issue with HTTP_AAE receiver adapter in SAP PO wherein a part of the URL is getting truncated at the vendor side when we do a http post while with same URL works fine in SAP PI HTTP adapter.

The error seen at the SAP PO message monitoring is "Exception caught by adapter framework: STATUS_CODE_NOT_OK- 500 Internal Server Error"

The interface is a synchronous proxy call from back end ECC to HTTPs call towards the 3rd party vendor.

The HTTP_AAE communication configuration Details are:

Addressing Mode :URL address

Target Host : test.b2b.****.com

Target Port : 443

Path :/auth/orders/?XXXXXXORDERSPO

The exact issue is with the path of the URL , the vendor says that the query string parameter XXXXXXORDERSPO is missing in the call from SAP PO test system.

And what they expect is : /auth/orders/ XXXXXXORDERSPO.

So whatever is after the '?' (question mark) is getting truncated. We never faced this issue in SAP PI (there a HTTP destination was created in ABAP stack(sm59) with this URL details). We also tried using an escape character %3F instead of the ‘?’ in the Path field but that did not work either.

Has anybody come across the same issue? Any info or inputs on the solutions would be much appreciated.