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Jul 22, 2020 at 06:43 PM

Background delivery posting error for sto delivery


Hello ,

can you please help me for below given issue is regarding storage location to storage location stock transport order. we create stock transport order for one of the material as given below .As shown in below example stock transport order created for same material for different document date.

Bakground delivery created but first created STO are skeeped for delivery and for most recent sto delivery created for same material.

for example sto 6500011062-360 item created at 05-march 2020 and below sto 6500011296-260 is created 24-03-2020 but in the back ground job run for vl10b delivery created for 6500011296-260but not created for 6500011062-360 which is created before 6500011296 sto order. can you please tell me that why the system skip first created sto's but all when run back job material stock is available on that posting date. this issue is occur sometime in production server but we can create in quality server

back job variant parameter check screen shots of variant


we create the sto for same material for

please need as soon as possible


tempsnip.png (417.1 kB)
1capture.png (246.1 kB)
capture2.png (339.5 kB)
capture3.png (257.6 kB)
capture4.png (278.5 kB)
capture5.png (270.8 kB)
capture6.png (212.7 kB)
capture7.png (272.0 kB)