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Jul 22, 2020 at 03:12 PM

Fiori Launchpad - additional unwanted group showing


Hi there,

hoping this is an easy one, so far did not find the solution -

we have set up our first custom launchpad, with a custom group assigned to the custom role, showing only 2 tiles. (slimmed down version of the MM Buyer Group) - work fine.

there are additional authorization objects in the role, in order to be able to view/approve Purchase orders on the Fiori Launchpad, but no other group assigned

The issue is that the MM Buyer Group (Standard), still shows on the Launchpad (with the additional tiles that we don't want.)

Is there a way to remove this MM Buyer Group and only show the Custom group, while keeping the auths?

Note that the standard MM Buyer Group is not set in the role, so it's not 100% clear where this is coming from

Any help/tips appreciated