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Jul 28, 2020 at 06:56 AM

POSC Outbound process in SAP EWM



Can someone please help me with the set up of storage controlled outbound process in SAP EWM?

Initial set up: The process I am looking for is Pick à Pack à Stage

I have defined the POSC as OUTB and its subsequent steps as OB01, OB02 and OB03.

Picking (single step with pick HU) is happening as per the stock removal strategy and OB01 is getting populated in the pick WT successfully. Upon the confirmation of this task, Pack WT is automatically created. I do the repack at the work centre, an internal movement WT (WPT 3040) is created and confirmed automatically.

When I manually confirm the Pack WT from the /SCWM/MON screen, the next staging WT doesn’t get created automatically. In the POSC configuration steps, I have enabled the option “Auto WT” for OB01 and OB02.

Please refer to the below screen prints for the details:

The work centre being used for repacking

Please let me know if any more information or transactional data details are required.




1.png (19.6 kB)
2.png (15.0 kB)
3.png (17.1 kB)
4.png (14.2 kB)