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Jul 26, 2020 at 07:42 AM

XS Advanced Development


Hi Friends,

As I understand, SAP is going to focus on XS Advanced for all types of Native HANA developments and all the innovations and features are going to be part of XSA. However, I have seen still many companies are opting to continue with their Native HANA development with XS Classic approach with HANA Studio.

My whole intent of writing this question here is to understand if there are any knows issues/bugs with XSA when we migrate from XS Classic which is stopping the customer to move into XSA. I have spoken with lots of colleagues from different customer space and they have no plans as of now to migrate to XSA. Is there any plan from SAP which tells us that from any version or timelines, XS classic support will be stopped and all the customers have to take their development to XS Advanced?

Also, if any customer is doing a green field SAP HANA Implementation, Is there a thumb rule or recommendation from SAP to directly start with XS Advanced for such scenarios? Please help me to understand this.