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Jul 25, 2020 at 11:11 PM

Reuse of HTML5 App repo for different projects


Hello Community,

I've been playing around with HTML5 deployment in Cloud Foundry using HTML5 App Repo (as far as I know, this is the new recommended approach), but we have some questions (I've searched in documentation, blogs, openSAP, etc... but I still have some doubts):

Let's imagine this case: We have two different MTA projects with 1 HTML5 app each. When they are deployed we want these apps to be hosted in the same html5-app-repo. However, every time we deploy the app the previous uploaded app in html5-app-repo is deleted.

We have tried using cf deploy, cf html5-push, deploy in Web IDE, etc... so is this possible at all?

And, in case it's not possible, how is the development lifecycle in a team with multiple developers and multiple html5 apps, SCP Workflows, Fiori Launchpads corresponding to the same solution? Does all the source code have to exist in one central MTA project (Git)?

For example, with the CF Workflow service, we have to build/deploy all the project (therefore all apps) each time we like to test a change in the workflow.

Sorry if it's a long text, but I have lot of doubts regarding this topic, or maybe I'm missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance.