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Jul 24, 2020 at 11:25 AM

Understand Standard SAP Replication Query programs - EC to SAP


Replication programs to run in ECC:


SFIOM_QRY_ORG_OBJ -- Execute Org. Obj. Replication Query (Department, Job, Positions)

SFIOM_PROC_ORG_OBJ - Process Organizational Objects


ECPAO_EE_ORG_QUERY -- Create EE Master Data and Orgas Qry (EMP Replication)

SFIOM_PROC_ORG_AS -- Process Employee Org Assignments(Org assignment: Used for replicating Org assignments (Position to Person)

Reset Query Admin table for Employee Replication: ECPAO_RESET_QRY_ADM

Reset Query Admin table for Org Replication: SFIOM_RESET_QRY_ADM

I really want to understand the purpose of both OM Query and PA Query programs and Query reset programs for both OM and PA.

Please share your inputs

Many Thanks

Praveen kumar