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Jul 23, 2020 at 05:02 AM

Fiori app "Create Purchase Requisition" Error Requester not authorized (HCM Employee/BP Error)



In the Create Purchase Requisition app, I am getting the Error that "Requester not authorized for the plant". But the User has all authorizations provided, Even User can able to create purchase requisition through ME23N HTML GUI App/Tile.

After I found from SAP Note 2570961 - In some fiori applications, the User needs to be maintained as BP and Employee from "Maintain Employee" app (If the HR Integration is Inactive).

So, creating employee without HR Module the prerequisites are deactivating HR Integration switches HRALx/HRAC and HRALX/PBPON using system Table T77S0.

But when I opened the table T77S0, the above switches where ON and I am not able to make changes. Can you please tell me the steps to deactivate those switches in Table T77S0. Also check the attached screenshots of "Maintain Employee" app Error and table T77S0 entries.

Thanks for showing response :-)sap-hr-auth.jpg


sap-hr-auth.jpg (52.2 kB)
sap-inc1.jpg (36.0 kB)
sap-pbon.jpg (28.8 kB)
sap-hrac.jpg (27.3 kB)