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Jul 27, 2020 at 05:50 PM

JRE for TaxFactory after Change in Oracle Licensing Terms


Now that Oracle has changed their licensing terms for commercial use of their JRE (the old Sun JRE that so many of us have used for years and years), what are the options for supporting the TaxFactory 10 or 11 client? This client is web-based and relies upon Apache Tomcat, and I've only ever found references to use of Oracle Java for running Tomcat, yet these appear to be quite old references, most likely not updated since the change in Oracle's terms.

Is it possible or recommended to run TaxFactory (and by extension, Tomcat) on other JREs? Will it run on SAPJVM, for instance? And, just today, I learned about something called "sapmachine" which appears to be an open-source JRE development, though it's not clear if that's officially SAP (or BSI) supported.