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Jul 27, 2020 at 07:28 AM

Variant configuration case advice


Hello Experts,

I want to use variant configuration function in our product design and manufacturing, up picture is the case.

There are 3 assemble levels. Top assemble ( variant characteristic L), second level assemble part2(L2=L*10) and part 3(L3=L*20) ; third level assemble part4(L4=L3*30) . These 4 materials are configurable. Part2, part3 and part 4 will also be selled separetely.

So what kind of bom explosion should I select for the 4 materials in production? no explosion, single-level or multi-level?

Whant kind of dependency should I write? I tried to write the dependencies below, but I'm not sure if it's correct, please give some advices.

for material 1 create characteristic L in class 300,

for material 2 create characteristic L2 in class 300,and write dependency $self.L2=$PARENT.L*10

for material 3 create characteristic L3 in class 300,and write dependency $self.L3=$PARENT.L*20

for material 4 create characteristic L4 in class 300,and write dependency $self.L4=$PARENT.L3*10

Another question is that if I create dependencies for these materials, can I still use these materials separately? For example, can I directly asign "1000" to L4 when I use material 4 separately?

The last question is that these 4 materials are configurable profiles, when they are assigned different values they will generate new materials. So is that mean if I assign a value to L in material 1, all the 4 configurable profiles will generate new materials automatically?

Thanks for your kind reply!


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