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Jul 27, 2020 at 07:13 AM

Chatbot is not able to identify intent or display results


Hi All,

I have been facing some weird issues with CAI Chatbot.

While executing the bot today from an integrated environment, no results were getting displayed on entering various expressions. Whereas this was working till last week.

I then tested the bot, directly from CAI services and during Debug found that there are a lot of intermittent issues:

1. After processing the expression, log shows actions have been executed but no result is displayed on the Chat window.

2. Sometimes the NLP values are null and no intent is identified.

3. Intermittently for the same expressions intent is identified and results are displayed properly.

4. One consistent issue is that if an OData service is called, log shows that the action has been executed, however there is no display in the chat window of the results.

Has anyone else also been facing these kinds of issues today?

Best Regards,

Rohit Singhal