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Jul 27, 2020 at 11:36 AM

CBI XML Node Issues


Hi Guru’s,

I have copied DME tree from CGI_XML_XT and created the New DMEE Tree XYZ_XML_CT as per requirement.

1)First Issue:-In standard node appearing like example: - “MSgID”, as per my bank requirement it should be maintain Abc: MsgId. I have maintained in SAP system and executed F110 the output XML file not generating. Again, I have maintained without “:” (abcdMSgId) system allow me and successfully generating XML like abcMSgId. Here Colon”:” missing. How to achieve this requirement?

2)Second Issue:-

Now I need to create three nodes named in such way:

<ab0:CBIBdyPaymentRequest xmlns:ab0="urn:CBI:xsd:CBIBdyPaymentRequest.00.04.00" xmlns:ab2=="urn:CBI:xsd:CBISgnInf.001.04" xmlns:ab1= urn:CBI:xsd:CBIPaymentRequest.00.04.00" >



Any light on this will be very much appreciated.