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Jul 24, 2020 at 04:48 PM

Cloud MTA Build Tool, Cloud Application Programming Model and db.kind sql



I noticed that in a CAP application where I set the db.kind to sql in order to test it locally with sqlite and to use HANA when I deploy the MTA application to Cloud Foundry, CAP handles the in May with cds@3.34.2 introduced db.kind sql as expected.

But the Cloud MTA Build Tool does not generate the database application in gen/db when the db.kind in package.json is not hana. It is quite cumbersome to change the package.json every time you switch between cds watch and mbt build for deployment.

My mbt version is 1.0.15. The output from the mbt build -t ./ command is:

[cds] - Determining CDS build tasks from CDS configuration - applying defaults
[cds] - Determining database kind.
[cds] - Found sqlite database - skipping HANA build task
[cds] - Determining implementation technology
[cds] - Found implementation technology node
[cds] - Determining fiori modules - matching modules */webapp/manifest.json
[cds] - Found fiori app paths [app]
[cds] - Determining single or multi-tenant strategy.
[cds] - No CDS custom build tasks defined for project [/Users/***].
[cds] - The following build tasks have been auto-created and will be executed.
[cds] - You may want to add them to .cdsrc.json or package.json of your project and customize to your needs if required.
  "build": {
    "target": "gen",
    "tasks": [
[2020-07-24 18:42:30]  INFO validating the MTA project
[2020-07-24 18:42:30] ERROR the "mta.yaml" file is not valid: 
line 61: the "gen/db" path of the "db" module does not exist
make: *** [validate] Error 1
Error: could not build the MTA project: could not execute the "make -f Makefile_20200724184218.mta p=cf mtar= strict=true mode= t=\"./\"" command: exit status 2

Is there a plan to make the mbt tool aware of the new CAP options regarding HANA and sqlite? And if yes, is there a timeline?

Kind regards,