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Jul 24, 2020 at 10:32 AM

Generate a specific PDF from a Form Group using a Print Button


Hello experts,

Here is the context :

I have successfully implemented a button to print custom PDF forms from the Individual Customer TI by following the instructions on this blog post : In short, the main steps were :

1) I created a Custom BO with the fields I need in my forms, marked as transient

2) I created an "After Modify" event in the Custom BO to prepare the data for my forms at runtime

3) I created a Form Group in the Custom BO, which holds multiple Forms. Those forms use the fields from the Custom BO

4) I created an Embedded Component with a button linked to the Form Group

5) I placed the button in a tab in the Individual Customer TI

Result : button.png

Here is my problem :

I would like to change the behavior of my Print Button so that instead of showing a list of forms from my Form Group, it directly prints a form. This would be done by adding a custom dropdown list in the Individual Customer TI which allows the user to select a form. The print button would then target the selected form from this dropdown list and print it directly.

I'm guessing the template codes I should be using are the following : template-code.png

I would also need to change the Outport of my Embedded Component (ec-outport.png) so that instead of using the Form Group Code, it targets form codes from the custom dropdown list.

So far, I haven't even been able to make my Print button print a specific form using a static form code..

Any ideas ? :)

Best regards,


button.png (155.6 kB)
template-code.png (67.7 kB)
ec-outport.png (88.5 kB)