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Jul 24, 2020 at 10:13 AM

AUC opening balance initial upload


Finance Department request for the solution of problem they are facing in AUC opening balance initial upload was entered with TCode ABLDT instead of TCode ABLDT_OI at the time of implementation, due to that the system is having problem while carryforward balance from the year 2019 to 2020 nullify the affect and opening balance is not getting Capitalized in 2020

We have checked in system at that time visible 2 (Two) type of AUC opening balances.

  • 1)Few cases only opening balances uploading in SAP.
  • Solution: Initial uploading document reverse and re-upload with correct TCode ABLD_OI.

  • 2)Few cases opening balances uploading and make payment document against opening balances.
  • Solution: Due to cheque / payment document exist against Initial uploading AUC Document no, so that we will fist reverse cheque / payment document and second initial uploading document.

Problem: if any cheque document once reverse that cheque no voided and not utilize against in next document, due to big amount and physical cheque already issue to venders and also cleared from banks, that’s why Finance department need to utilize same cheque no so maintain vender ledger history if any persons check vender ledger in future than physical cheque no match with ledger cheque no.