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Jul 24, 2020 at 09:51 AM

Custom PDF Forms not updated unless the page is refreshed

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Hello experts,

Here is the context :

I have successfully implemented a button to print custom PDF forms from the individual customer TI by following the instructions on this blog post : In short, the main steps were :

1) I created a Custom BO with the fields I need in my forms, marked as transient

2) I created an "After Modify" event in the Custom BO to prepare the data for my forms at runtime

3) I created a Form Group in the Custom BO, which holds multiple Forms. Those forms use the fields from the Custom BO

4) I created an Embedded Component with a button linked to the Form Group

5) I placed the button in a tab in the Individual Customer TI

Result : button.png

Here is my problem :

When I modify a field, click on "Save" and then print a form, the field doesn't appear in the form with the updated value. In order to have the updated field value in the form, I have to refresh the whole page. This makes printing forms very inconvenient in terms of user experience.

Ideally, I would like the forms to show the current field values at all times (or at least after the user clicks on "Save"). Do you have any suggestions ?

Best regards,


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