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Jul 23, 2020 at 04:33 PM

Sales BOM Explosion Problem


Hi All

I have a problem with the BOM explosion in sales order. It would appear there is an issue with the configuration or the set up of the BOM master data.

The first is that the sub item quantities are editable. The main BOM item is the quantity for the BOM to be packed and shipped. My understanding is that it should not be possible to change the sub item quantities of the BOM product, as the sub-items are not part of packing and should not be editable. If there is a stock shortage then the main BOM item quantity only should be reduced.

The sub items should be closed automatically once the main item is fully delivered. However in this case the sub items are behaving differently from the main item.

The sub item does not have an availability check since it is not relevant for inventory, so the whole quantity will be confirmed. However in the delivery if the sub item quantity is changed (which should not be possible to edit), then the sub item status becomes partially delivered, and a Reason for Rejection code is needed. If the status is partially-confirmed at header level we require the Reason for Rejection code only on the header item. The sub-category items should be excluded from needing rejection as they are not physically shipped.

When the whole quantity of the main BOM item is delivered, then automatically the system should consider the sub-items as delivered and close the lines. However this is not occurring.

The second is the item counting which shows all components and numbering per item in the order. The item numbers are 10,20,30 etc - rather than having the sub items as 11,12, 13 etc

For the main BOM item, the item category is determined with:

No ATP check

Structure Scope - Explode Single-level BOM

BOM Item Cat - Stock Item

For the sub items, the item category is determined as:

No ATP Check

Structure Scope - Do Not Explode

BOM Usage - 5

BOM Item Cat - L

Many thanks for your input.