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Jul 23, 2020 at 02:17 PM

Error in joining two virtual tables in SAP HANA Service on Cloud Foundry environment


Hi SAP Experts,

I have a particular scenario in mind of joining two virtual tables based on OData adapter (source is SAP S/4HANA Cloud, but could be anything really).

I'm facing the error when I try to preview data from the calculation view containing join. Please note that I can view data in both tables separately.

I have stripped down this scenario to the bare minimum and removed the complexity of HDI containers, synonyms, etc. and still have an issue. I have even created SQL JOIN statement in SQL console but still without much progress.

Please let me know what I'm doing wrong here.

Virtual tables:




Select A."Customer", A."BPCustomerNumber", B."BusinessPartnerName" from "SY_A_CustSalesPartnerFunc" as A INNER JOIN "SY_A_BusinessPartner" as B ON A."BPCustomerNumber" = B."BusinessPartner";

Error message:

Could not execute 'select A."Customer", A."BPCustomerNumber", B."BusinessPartnerName" from "SY_A_CustSalesPartnerFunc" ...' Error: (dberror) [403]: internal error: Error opening the cursor for the remote database Error parsing query: SELECT "A"."Customer", "A"."BPCustomerNumber", "B"."BusinessPartnerName" FROM ("A_CustSalesPartnerFunc" "A" INNER JOIN "A_BusinessPartner" "B" ON ("A"."BPCustomerNumber" = "B"."BusinessPartner") ) ERRORS <ERROR - No Navigation Property Name found in Table: A_CustSalesPartnerFunc for Joined Table: A_BusinessPartner;ERROR - No Navigation Property Name found in Table: A_BusinessPartner for Joined Table: A_CustSalesPartnerFunc;ERROR - No Navigation Property prefix found for Column: Busi for query "SELECT "A"."Customer", "A"."BPCustomerNumber", "B"."BusinessPartnerName" FROM ("A_CustSalesPartnerFunc" "A" INNER JOIN "A_BusinessPartner" "B" ON ("A"."BPCustomerNumber" = "B"."BusinessPartner") ) "