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Jul 23, 2020 at 01:30 PM

SVT - Substances composition


Hi experts,

I am facing some difficulties in understand the hierarchy of substances composition to track the relevant materials for SVT.

My actual scenario is quite simple (standard). I have REALS that have RAWS in their composition and in the RAW_SUBS I have assigned the materials that are SVT relevant. To correctly reach the result of RREGCH_FILL all the substances must have the standard composition filled (VAT-SAP_EHS_1012_003), so in each RAW I inserted the composition 100% of the respective PURE_SUB.

In the property tree I inserted in the RAW_SUBS (where I have assigned the relevant materials) all the data for the Specific Quantity Limits (SAP_EHS_1026_001) » Regulatory List, Legal entity, Threshold Quantity, Relative Limit, etc., and as far as I know everything is correct in the substances level.

However, when I run the RREGCH_FILL I get the composition in CCRCT_EHS_COMP but get no data in CCRCT_EHS_REG and CCRCT_EHS_SLIMIT. Also, in the log of RREGCH_FILL every message are green but refer “No Data” for the PURE_SUBs, as they have no composition…. I don’t know if this is normal!

After making some purchase orders (goods receipt) and sales orders (outbound deliveys) with the materials assigned to the REALs I expected to have data in CBRC20 but still have no entries.

Can you please provide any help?

Thank you in advance


rregch-fill-log.jpg (249.3 kB)