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Jul 23, 2020 at 11:27 AM

Material R3 not in S4/HANA embedded EWM


Hi community,

a year ago I created Material in R3 and now we did upgrate to S4/HANA. Unfortunately, material created in R3 is not available in embedded EWM S4/HANA (Tc. /SCWM/MAT1). However, when I create now a new material in MM01 in S4/HANA the product is automatically avialabile in /SCWM/MAT1 in embedded EWM.

What I need to do to have my "old" material from R3 in embedded EWM?

I tried to upload the matieral via CSV with Tc. /SCWM/MIG_PRODUCT but here I get always the same error message:

Decimal notation in system does not match decimal notation in CSV file

Message no. /SCWM/MIGRATION136

I checked the decimal notaton in my user and also in Excel options. They are all the same.

Does anyone has any idea?

Appreciate your help.