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Jul 22, 2020 at 06:51 AM

IBP Forecast Consumption Profile in Time Series for Order Based Planning


We want to use the Forecast Consumption of Time Series in Order Based Planning area, so we have followed the steps described in note 2776077.

Apparently, all is correctly set up, but when we try to use the TS Based Forecast Consumption the operator doesn’t consume the forecast with sales order quantity and the log doesn’t show any error message, the job finishes correctly. We think that maybe the problem comes from the profile configuration for “TS Supply Planning: Forecast Consumption Profiles” where we try to use the time profile ‘Day’ but this option is not available on the list. Despite of this, when we execute the operator we can choose the execution period in days...

The new key figures have been checked to have all of them the same time profile, having as lower PERIODID level the day. Besides, the master data FORECASTCONSUMPTIONMODE has been added to the planning area and maintained their values manually in a new version with specific master data.

We though that maybe ther problems comes from the forecast consumption profile for order based planning, but also it is maintained in SAP R3 and its shown in app 'View Location Material' in base version and in Specific Master Data Version.

As final check we have accessed to the application log relative to the Forecast Consumption job. Is strange that when a non valid value for forecast consumption mode is assinged the log shows the material which has to be used by the job, but when it used a valid value the log doesn't show any message, only a success message.

Anyone knows why is not working?