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Jul 22, 2020 at 05:24 AM

HANA XSA "invalid dbTypeName name: DAYDATE"



Lifted and shifted an XSA application from one HANA Express to another. Both 2.0 but there might be a minor version difference.

the xsodata $metadata returns:

  "error": {
    "code": "500",
    "message": {
      "lang": "en-US",
      "value": "invalid dbTypeName name: DAYDATE"

The error seems to come from the parameter definition of an hdbcalculationview, this is what the metadata actually seems to return if I check the network call:

            <EntityType Name="WeeklyTimeSheetViewType">
                    <PropertyRef Name="IP_START_DATE"/>
                    <PropertyRef Name="IP_EMP_ID"/>
                    <PropertyRef Name="EMPLOYEE_ID"/>
                    <PropertyRef Name="PROJECT_ID"/>
                    <PropertyRef Name="START_DATE"/>
                <Property Name="IP_START_DATE"{"error":{"code":"500","message":{"lang":"en-US","value":"invalid dbTypeName name: DAYDATE"}}}

Which is defined as:

"WeeklyTimesheet" as "WeeklyTimeSheetView" keys ... parameters via key and entity "WeeklyTimeSheet";

In the calculation view, the parameter is set as:

  <variable id="IP_START_DATE" parameter="true">
    <descriptions defaultDescription="IP_START_DATE"/>
    <variableProperties datatype="DATE" mandatory="true">
      <valueDomain type="Date"/>
      <selection multiLine="false" type="Single"/>
      <defaultRange lowValue="2019-10-1"/>

If I leave *out* the _via entity_ bit, I can see my metadata. Otherwise, it spits the error above.

The service itself returns correct results, meaning all entities run and return data.

Anyone who can help? Additional information can be provided