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Jul 20, 2020 at 01:50 PM

Treasury : accrual other flows no picked up in TPM44


Dear Guru's,

I have created an Interest rate instrument (Money market instrument from treasury) . From investement side the revenue is subject to tax (30%) and I'm using the standard flow type 1905 to capture this tax amount. For the interest I'm using the flow type 1200.

My customer wants to make use of functionality of the accrual/deferral calculation TPM44 and this works fine for the update type MM1200+ and MM1200- (since they have also loans). However the system doesn't consider the update type MM1905-.

I changed the setting on the flow type MM1905 so that it becomes relevant for acccrual /deferral calculation.

MM1905- and MM1200- are set up in the same way in the customizing point where you have to make the link between the different update types and the type of accrual/deferral procedure by company code/ valuation area / product type.

Anybody an idea what I'm overlooking?

We are on S4 Hana 1709

Kind regards,