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Jul 19, 2020 at 11:41 AM

Post Upgrade to BO 4.2 SP 07,slowness observed in Refresh of Analysis for Office



We have upgraded our production BO system from 4.1 SP 10 to 4.2 SP 07 Patch 900 yesterday and are observing the below performance issues: (Analysis for Office version 2.6 SP 03)

1. Analysis for office reports are taking longer run time to refresh when compared to PRE- upgrade run times.

2. Once we restart/stop and then start again the tomcat, it takes more than 15- 20 min to display BI launchpad/CMC BI URL.

Application Server Configs: 64 GB RAM, 8 CPU ;APS server is split into multiple APS sub services.

We have only WEBI and AFO types of reports only built in our landscape. And currently users mostly use Analysis for office kind of report and the source system of these reports are Bex queries.

We have enabled the caching functionality for Analysis for office from CMC--?Application Tab which is available post BO 4.2 SP 05 version.

Can it be that the reports are run first time post upgrade and the system is trying to rebuilt the cache and after multiple runs, the performance will improve?Any suggestions please on how to trouble shoot?