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Jul 17, 2020 at 09:21 AM

SAP Analytics Cloud - Struggeling with sorting option in tables


Hi experts,

I am just struggeling a bit with the sorting options within tables used in a story on SAC.

In our story we have several pages with tables based on the same live model with different filters.

In designtime the tables are sorted by a specific date dimension, the widget filter is set to previous and current year.

When the user opens the story the sorting is displayed correctly. But when he wants to change the sorting within the tabel e.g. by a measure from highest to lowest no correct sorting is applied. The sorting within the table changes but not by the specified measure or dimension. The table details show that there is a sorting on the measure but that is not applied on the table.

Some example screenshots:

Initial table view

Sorted by the first column from new to old (highest to lowest).

Usewr wants to change sorting, wants to see the highest values for measure Opp: U... on top:

Table Details change, but sorting not correct:

It seems as if it is now sorted by first column in the opposite direction from lowest to highest.

Does anyone has an idea concerning this behaviour. As stated we are using a live connection on BWonHANA 7.50 SP16.

Is there any way to restrict sorting for the user in design time? Do I have to do anything in the BW query seetings?

Would be nice if I can get some help.