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Jul 16, 2020 at 03:29 AM

How PI classify a File as faulty? How to Avoid Archive of Faulty File not intended?


Hi Experts,

In my current project majority of our interfaces involve files for both inbound and outbound. We have enabled the Archive faulty file option for the sender SFTP channels and it was working as intended.

However, our client requested to move our source and target SFTP server to a new one. The problem now is that inbound files even if they processed properly, a copy is also created into the Archive Faulty file directory. There is no indication in the channels or in the message monitoring with regards to the files being Faulty and they delivered successfully to S4.

The creation of copy into Archive faulty file directory causes issue if same test file is uploaded. The Faulty file archive directory does not allow overwrite and so files are stuck.

Any ideas of solution or links to further discussion is highly appreciated.

Thank you.