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Jul 22, 2020 at 03:44 PM

Kanban for production but not replenishment


We have a small store / incoming goods warehouse on site and we provision our production lines with a combination of production order kitting and Kanban. The Kanban movements are executed at the WM level at the moment using a custom design (not SAP Kanban logic). Replenishment of the Storage Location is via MRP.

Our issue is that the stock accuracy in Kanban locations (managed by production) is poor so often the Storage Location will show lots of stock which actually does not exist because it is in the Kanban bin and inaccurate. I'd like to restructure our overall approach to make us less reliant on Kanban stock accuracy.

One approach might be to ask MRP to ignore stock in a Kanban bin. I think we would have to do this in conjunction with a V1 MRP Type. Do you think that this might work?

I'm particularly keen to hear of other SAP Customers who might have a similar production setup and are actually using this approach. Is there anybody out there?