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Jul 22, 2020 at 06:45 AM

SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Cloud Connector



I am currently working with a Customer and exploring possibilities for Live connections. I initially got my hopes up that this could be done via the SAP Cloud Connector

However after a full day of experimentation, I've got my principal propagation to work and it does the initial auth via the cloud connector but then opens up the /sap/bw/ina/auth service where it asks for login and password.

Can this really be true that you can only serve live connections via CORS still and not via your cloud connector. I didn't set up SAML as I am using the SAP default IdP and I haven't seen a way to do this. But either way, I would hope that I could access my system via the tunnel.

I am aware of similar question was raised three years ago

But can someone please confirm whether this is still the case?