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Jul 22, 2020 at 12:49 AM "DBM" and " /DBM/VLCVEHICLE" structure


Hi Experts: I hope you are well! I wanna ask you something. This fields "/DBM/SPART" and "/DBM/STAWN" from /DBM/VLCVEHICLE structure can not be mapped well by SEGW transaction. when i try to generate objects. because it give me an compilation error. by other hand, when i inspect compilation errors! i see that always ask me to rename that fields with an "_" prefix. Only when i do that i can compile de class. Why can this could be happend? this is my software server.

  1. DBM Release 800 SP 5
  2. SAP_BASIS7520001
  3. SAP_ABA7520001
  4. SAP_GWFND7520001
  5. SAP_UI7520002
  6. STPI7400010
  7. SAP_BW7520001
  8. UIBAS0013000001
  9. SAPUIFT1000001
  10. UIX01CA12000002
  11. ST-A/PI01T_7310001

Thanks experts!