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Jul 21, 2020 at 08:02 PM

SAP ByD Profitability

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Hello All,

I am working in the implementation Project where the Client is providing the Transportation as well as Warehousing services to their customers. They have 2 business segments i.e transportation and warehousing services.

Assume that the Client has been awarded by Customer A with a contract to bring their Cargos from Port and place at their warehouses for certain period of time.

Based on the warehouse capacity of the different warehouses at different locations across the cities, the stock of Customer A will be stored at different locations. This stock will be stored for certain number of days. On the request of the Customers or elapse of the periods, at the time of delivering the product of the customer at customer's final location, this stock which are stored at different warehouses , the invoice are required to be raised. The invoice elements will be Warehouse Service charges.

For the customer, invoice will be only 1.

The issue is that each of these warehouse location is itself a Profit center as these warehouses are generating revenues and the client is also maintaining the Profit and Loss account based for these warehouses as well.

There will be only 1 sales organization and only 1 sales unit so based on the sales unit the profit center will update in sales invoices but what needs to be done so that the warehouse locations i.e. from where the stock are being taken out from warehouse to customer, that warehouse should get their profitability.

The challenge is that How can i map this process in a system to hit the profit center i.e. each warehouse locations from where the customer stock is loaded onto the truck and delivered to final customer ?

Each of these warehouses are already created as profit center in organization unit so what needs to be done to map the process ?

I will be thankful if someone guide me