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Jul 21, 2020 at 02:16 PM

Need guidance on Upgrading SAP BW 7.3 (on SQL Server ) to SAP BW 7.5 (SQL Server)


Hi BW Experts,

Thanks for being very helpful in clearing all the questions i have been posting on SCN so far . I am very thankful to all of the SCN family mebers for the support and help.

I would also need your guidance / help in understanding the roles of SAP BW Consultant in the below listed project .

" Our client wants to have BW technical upgrade from SAP BW 7.3 (SQL Server ) to SAP BW 7.5 (SQL Server ) very soon " .

We are not using SAP BW as the EDW(Tera data is being used as EDW system - ECC-->BW-->Tera data ) no BEx queries/reports are built in BW .Its just acting like an intermediete system (Mainly for Sales and Inventory modules ) . This upgradation also happening because only for the reason after 12/2020 SAP Said they dont support SAP BW on 7.3 .

I have below list of quesitons .

1) Before upgrade :What are the list of mandatory activities need to be performed by a BW Consultant in BW /ECC system.

2)Post Upgrade : What are the list of mandatory activites need to be performed in BW /ECC system by a BW Consultant?

3)Master check list of all activites (BW Side /ECC Side ) /Precautions .

4)What are the possible risks of this BW-upgradation Project ( Is there any channce that any of the existing BW objects like Master data Iobj / DSO's / Transforations / Data sources /Process chains / IP / DTP ...gets distrubed)

5) Is there any risk of loosing the existing data in the info providers in BW after upgrade ?

6) Do we need to unschedule the process chains before the upgradation and reschedule them after upgradation ?

7) Is there any way it will effect the Delta pointers in Delata queue in RSA7 ?

8) DO we need to unschedule the jobs in SAP Source system ( Jobs which used to fill the data into set up tables and jobs which are used to bring the data from extraction queue to Delta queue ?)

Please also mention all other list of mandatory activities (If i missed above ) that it will be very helpfull for me to work on this Project .

Thanks ,